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1989 the internet was nearly unknown. Computers have been used mostly as better writing machines. The possibilities where to small and the performance measured by today's machines was minimal. Karl E. Maij at this time musician and teacher [] found a creative access through the music and saw the possibilities of this machines and integrated them into his musical live. While musicians use to exercise hours and hours it was a logical consequence that the computer became a second instrument. The thirst of knowledge, creativity, and the doggedness of a musician resulted a deep understanding of the computer.

1996 when the internet became known in Switzerland, it was easy with the existing knowledge to create websites and database connections.

1997 started with commercial projects in programming and network projects.

1998 as employee in an online company where the abilities they ask for: playing the computer like an instrument. The success tells the story.

2001 the next step being independent. Big database- and CMS projects for the internet as well as concept and realization of management- and learn software for the pharmacy industry followed.

"Jazz music and computing look very similar to me: Wide knowledge, competence and solid handwork is used creatively to cause new things."

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