SDW Software
since 1997


1989 the internet was nearly unknown. Computers have been used mostly as better writing machines. The possibilities where to small and the performance measured by today's machines was minimal. The creator of this page, at this time musician and teacher found a creative access through the music and saw the possibilities of this machines and integrated them into his musical live. While musicians use to exercise hours and hours it was a logical consequence that the computer became a second instrument. The thirst of knowledge, creativity, and the doggedness of a musician resulted a deep understanding of the computer.

1996 when the internet became known in Switzerland, it was easy with the existing knowledge to create websites and database connections.

1997 started with commercial projects in programming and network projects.

1998 as employee in an online company where the abilities they ask for: playing the computer like an instrument. The success tells the story.

2001 the next step being independent. Big database- and CMS projects for the internet as well as concept and realization of management- and learn software for the pharmacy industry followed.

"Jazz music and computing look very similar to me: Wide knowledge, competence and solid handwork is used creatively to cause new things."


If your needs do not fit with existing commercial software then specially written software for your problem will be the solution. This can be single applications, plug-ins or extensions for existing software.

The main importance is the analysis of your needs and a strong financial management for the execution of an assignment.

My gravity is windows and Unix development, databases and Visual Basic, C++, Perl, VB- and Java-Script.
Please ask for an offer for your IT problem.

"Improvisation is the creative combination of known to something new."

Conception of online services

The possibilities are still limited in the internet today. An artful use and a deep knowledge is necessarily in many cases for a successful internet, extranet or intranet event.

My consultation for planning and realization includes the view point of long term benefits simplicity and easy possibilities to integrate into existing infrastructures. Always depending on the real needs. This means technical correct connections and structures of your databases and other of you online services.

Shops for example can be done with simple solutions and different institutions offer secure internet payment for all kinds of business. An exactly to your needs designed shop is still handcrafted work especially if you want to integrate your existing databases and IT structure. We use Visual Basic, C++, Perl, VB- und Java-Script depending on the best solution.

"Success is the reward for years of hard exercising."

The philosophy

Not a long time ago, as the internet was walking in child shoes, mostly universities and military had islands with their proprietary software in the web. This islands, sites called, have been made for special needs and where set up with adapted software and mixed infrastructures.

Companies mostly small ones are in the same situation: Many different solutions live together and their growing IT structure needs to be adapted to newer and better solutions. SDW Software looks at it selves as the creative man in the middle and advisor between the old and new for bringing more benefit into your business and work flows. 

"Working in a team is like playing in a jazz band: When all of the members control their instruments and know the tune then music is happen. If all listen to each other then it starts to swing."

  • FileMove Pro
    Automated time controlled moving, copying, compressing and deletion of files and folders. Professional version.

  • FileMove SE
    Automated time controlled moving, copying, compressing and deletion of files and folders. Standard version.

  • PassworX SE (under construction)
    Personal password manager. Save passwords, email data, newsgroup data, phone data in one secure place.

  • QuickDBTools (under construction)
    A plugin based suite for quick editing, search and replace all tables, SQL execution and many more tools for ODBC and access databases.

  • FileMove Lite
    Time controlled automated file moving or copying tool.

  • PassworX Lite (under construction)
    Internet password manager.

  • FileDateChanger 1.0
    A small tool to change different file date and times

  • Kpass 0.012
    Internet Passwort Manager for Linux KDE2

  • Passworx 0.63 (german)
    Passwortverwaltung für Win9x/NT (old Version, PassworX Lite is the newer version)

  • SiteSearch 1.1 (german)
    Search engine for websites (Perl), Unix/NT

  • DynamicList 1.51 (german)
    List tool for websites (Perl), Unix/NT

  • SimpleGuestbook 1.0 (german)
    Simple guestbook for Websites (Perl), Unix/NT