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FileMove Lite moves or copies files from one folder to another in predefined time intervals.

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  • Source folder
    This is the monitored directory from where the files will be moved or copied. Not existing paths will appear in red color.
  • Destination folder
    The folder in which the files will be moved or copied from the source directory. Not existing paths will appear in red color.
  • Interval
    The interval in which the source directory checked for files to move or copy..
  • Move / copy files
    Move moves all files to the destination folder. Copy will copy them and leave the source file untouched. If the file already exists in the destination folder and you did not check the overwrite checkbox then the file will be kept in the source folder with no changes.
  • Overwrite existing
    If the file is already existing in the destination folder it will be overwritten if the box is checked. If not then only non existing files in the destination folder will be moved / copied from the source directory.
  • Show action log
    Shows hides the log view.
  • Log
    The log shows the last actions and errors. The log function is always active even if you hide it.
  • Start/Stop button
    Start activates the monitoring in the selected directory and stop will deactivate the monitoring. See the window title for status messages.
  • Quit button
    This button ends the program. If you want to get rid of the saving question then see the FAQ for how to do this.
  • Language
    This is the language selection for the interface. If you want to extend the languages then you can use the files in <InstallDir>/lang/ as a template to create new languages for the program.

  • Save settings
    If this box is activated then the settings will be saved. If you use more the one instance of FileMove Lite then the settings from the last instance will be saved.

  • Question for saving settings
    A checked box displays a dialog for saving the settings when you close the program. This is useful if you work with more then one instance of FileMove Lite.

  • Start action after start immediately
    If this box is activated then a click on the start button forces the program to do the copy/move action. Otherwise the action will be done when the time interval is over.

  • No size check on destination
    In some cases the operating system can not read the free disk space on network devices. You will get a disk full message while the disk is not full. Activate this box to disable the size checking.

  • Automatically surveillance and backup of files in a defined folder in predefined time intervals.
  • Automatically moves/removes/copies files on a network device.
  • Removes downloaded files from a peer to peer net folder to a unshared place. E.g. Bearshare.
  • File copy
  • File moving
  • Define able time interval for file actions.
  • Overwrites existing files when the overwrite checkbox is checked.
  • Log-View
  • Checks free disk space
System requirements
  • Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
Language file versions

You can edit the language file to create your own language version by editing the file in a text editor. Please send other languages to me that other users can use it as well. 

About this freeware

The program can be distributed and used with no limits. Distribution on CDs or  Papers can be done with the name of the author, a link to the producer page and a short info where it will be published to and with no further requests.

Use the program at your own risk.

  • Why does the program not run under Windows Vista?
    The program does run under Vista but it needs the rights of an administrator to run. Right click on the Exe file in the installation directory or the link on the desktop or start menu and select the 'Run as administrator' box.
  • Can I automatically start the monitoring when I put a link into the auto start menu?
    Yes. With the version 1.2 and higher you can use the parameter /s to start the monitoring automatically. Open the link properties with a right click and insert the parameter at the end of the target field. (outside the quotation marks with a blank)
  • Can I move files from more then one folder to another at the same time?
    Yes, just start FileMove again as a second instance. You can change the path to other folders and start monitoring. There is no limit for FileMove instances you may open as much as your system can handle. Only one setting can be saved.
  • It seems the program does not start and it says something is missing. What's wrong?
    If you detect some problems executing the program then some system files are missing. You can install these files with this package.
  • I use only one instance of FileMove Lite. Can I get rid of this saving settings question when I close the program?
    Yes you can avoid this by using the settings window and uncheck the box 'Question for saving settings'.
  • Is there a FileMove Lite version in Spanish language?
    Not yet, but you can translate it by your self ;-) Find the file 'language.dat' in the install directory and open it in a text editor. Create a new 'language.dat' and use the same syntax for the new language. If you want to share your new language file with other users please send it to
  • I like the program is there a professional version with more features?
    Yes. On the professional version you will have many more options:
    - Folder moving / copying / deleting / compressing
    - Moving / copying by extension, file size, file time, filename and many more.
    - Multiple moving / copying jobs
    - Renaming and deleting options ... and more.
    Please see the product pages of FileMove Standard and FileMove Professional for more information.
SDW Software Guarantee
  • All programs and installers of SDW Software do not contain or install any spy ware, mal ware, promotion or other components which are questionably for data privacy or security reasons.
  • All applications do no hidden connections to the internet and do not receive any data from the internet. In the start menu of each SDW Software application is a link to the product website to check for updates.

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