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FileMove Standard Edition 2.5




Settings window

These settings influence the behaviors and the view of the main program.

Clicking on this button in the main view will open the settings window.

Language selection

FileMove SE is currently delivered in the two languages English and German. Next translated languages will be French and Spanish. The selector shows the available languages and a language select will change the language of the program right after selecting.

Global settings

Start program when windows starts
If this box is checked then FileMove SE start when the windows operating system is started.

Start monitoring at program start
If this box is checked then the monitoring starts when the FileMove SE starts. This is often used in combination with the checkbox above to start the program and start monitoring.

When minimized show in system tray
This shows an icon in the system tray when the program is in minimized view.

Save window size
Check this box and FileMove SE remembers the window size of the main view when it starts next time.

Job window

Show remaining minutes for intervals
This shows the time left in minutes behind the interval in the interval column in brackets.

Save column width
If this box is checked then the column widths will be saved and on the next program start restored.

Reset intervals at program start
All intervals will reset to the starting point when the program starts. If unchecked the monitoring will go on at the point the program was closed.

Execute preview when monitoring
If this box is checked then the preview will be executed when monitoring is active.

No size checks for destination folder
If the destination folder is on a Linux server or similar then the program can not determine the free disk space. In this case check this box to avoid the size checking.

Message window

Deactivate message window
The checking of this box avoids the view of the message window. All functions are disabled. This function can be useful with many jobs to increase the performance.

Show all log messages
A checked box shows all messages in the message window otherwise only a reduced amount of messages will be showed. This can increase the performance if a big amount of jobs will be executed.

Collapse node after action
This setting collapses the nodes in the message window after the execution of a job.

Avoid word wrap
No word wrap in the messages window. This can be changed with the popup menu as well.

Show date
Do not show the date in the message window.

Show time
Does not show the time in the message window.

This button opens the window for registering the program or if already registered shows a splash screen with register data and program version.
Closes the settings window without any changes. NT-Service configuration excluded.
Saves all changes done in the settings window.




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