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Internet Passwort Manager for Linux with KDE2
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Download Kpass 0.012 (kpass-0.012.tar.gz - source & config for kdevelop)

Kpass is OpenSource!
If you like the app you can use and do with it as written in the GPL
A good essay about the idea is here:

- Basic program security (low)
- Group administration
- Memofields
- Print and backup functions
- Launch url function
- Passwordgenerator

See the screenshots :)

The programm:
This program is made to store your passwords and usernames you are using in the internet. It generates passwords in different lenghts and takes the login or at least launches the url to the password. (Works with .htaccess and ftp but not every CGI program) You can copy your data by mouseclick, edit and organize passwords by groups. Also there is a backup function for real backups and formatted HTML lists by choosing single fields, single passwords, single groups or all groups with selected items. You can set a password for the programm but it is not secure its written in textformat in the config file. (So exit your desktop anyway if better security is needed) A encription function is on the todo list.
Starting the program the first time will create a new directory in your homedir. ($HOME/.kpass/). You'll find a passwordfile named kpass.dat as you created the first group. It is not yet encrypted.

Show infomessages: Stop or get the popups after nearly every action.
Show tooltips: Stop or get the tooltips when your pointer is over a button.
Encrypt data: Is not implemented yet. Will be done in later versions
Passwordgenerator: Use the slider to get a lenght for your passwords made by the passwordgenerator.
Doubleclick in password listbox: This opens wether the edit mask or launches the url ba doubleclicking.
Program password: A password for the password manager. Its not with encryption.
Browser and ftp program: Here you can choose your prefered browser or ftp program and the automatic login. the passed url is formatted as

To create a backup copy the file kpass.dat from $HOME/.kpass/ or use the backup interface. Here you can save HTML formatted lists as well.

If your printer is available you can choose the items you want to print in different formatted styles. You can save as backup first change the format and print it then as you want for other styles.


Get started
In default your pointer shows tooltips when you stay over buttons. If working with the program dialogs will popup and give you information.(you can stop them very quickly in the options dialog) Use the 'What's this'- pointer to get more information. To copy your items select the text or click on the copy button. To paste use rightclick or 'ctrl + v'. The program is actually self explaining, just click on the buttons to see whats happen. The programm will tell you if you try to damage something ;)

Untar and unzip the *tar.gz file and do a
make install
in the directory. Most errors you get if variables and path are not exported.

Kpass was written in C++ with Kdevelop 1.3 on SuSE Linux 7.1
Kpass is using the following librarys:
- QT 2.2.3
- kdeui
- kdecore
Internationalizing: english - german

Kpass 0.012 only executable file - kpass (english)
The binary was compiled on Suse Linux 7.1 Kernel 2.4. To use copy the binary into /opt/kde2/bin/ and create a link to desktop if you want or do a kpass & on XTerm. Directory and passwordfile will be created by the program if its not there where Kpass expects. ($HOME/.kpass/) You'll find a file wich you can copy to /opt/kde2/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES to get the translation for german.I will do a RPM when I get some more time ;)

Give me a mail for problems and ideas 

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