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QuickDBReplacer is a highly configurable Tool for search and replace actions against databases. The search and replace can be done on all tables at once and on single tables only an offers extended search functions such as regular expressions. QuickDBReplacer works with ODBC connections and local database files.

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* QuickDBReplacer needs an installation of MDAC (MDAC = Microsoft Data Access Components). MDAC is used by many Windows database programs. MDAC is free by Microsoft and to install the latest versions is recommended. (More information about MDAC and Jet4.0)

More detailed information and a search engine is available in the Online Help of QuickDBReplacer.

Product Information
Nach obenWhere is QuickDBReplacer used?

QuickDBReplacer was developed because in almost all of the existing databases the function to search and replace trough all tables is missing. Normally the search and replace function can be applied on one table. This can result in a lot of work when using the search and replace functions on big databases. QuickDBReplacer can search and replace in all tables at once and offers a extended search with regular expressions.

The program can be used for MS Access or Excel databases without having MS Access or Excel or other databases installed on the system. It can access ODBC databases as well and therefore it saves time and money. The only limits are the installed database drivers on the system.


  • Search and replace trough all tables at once
  • Search with regular expressions
  • Wysiwyg search for text with new lines etc.
  • Accesses ODBC databases (SQL Server, MySQL etc.)
  • Preview function
  • Search can be defined by data types
  • Configuration of the connection strings for locally loaded databases
  • Start, Stop, Pause, Skip ...
  • Accesses local Databases (MS Access, Excel, DBase etc.)
  • Multilingual
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A license for QuickDBReplacer costs 16 Euro / 22 USD. FREE lifetime updates / upgrades. Buy QuickDBReplacer Now!

Trial version

This program is shareware and runs without a valid license for 21 days or 100 program starts after installation. All functions are available during the test period. If you need a longer trial period please contact

System requirements
  • MDAC
  • Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
  • 256 Colors 800 * 600 (True color, 1024 * 768 recommended)
  • 400 MHZ Processor
Nach obenMain view

A compact interface for the quick search and replace in databases.

A detail description is available in the online help.

Nach obenSettings

Set the data types for the search.

Driver and connection string with parameters can be defined for locally loaded databases.

Database structure

A viewer for the database structure is included.

All settings are explained in the detailed online help.

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