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General caution measures

FileMove Pro is a powerful tool for the automated handling of your files. This program gives you the possibility to manipulate all files on your system and in a network. This includes hidden system files and the search in system folders and their sub folders. 

Please read these help pages to get close to the functions FileMove Pro offers to you.

Before you execute a job its a good idea to run it in preview mode to see which files would be moved, deleted or copied. Mainly if you intend to run a deleting or moving job for system folders you should run a test in the preview mode to be sure no important files will be moved or deleted.

Use the software FilerMate to manipulate the file and folder properties of your test files.

When using the functions of FileMove Pro in a wrong way the operating system can be damaged and in a worst case the system can not boot again. Please be careful.

Do not move or delete files which are necessarily to run the Windows operating system!

The author of this program is not responsible for any damages occurring while using this program.

This help can be started everywhere in FileMove Pro with the F1 Button on the key board.




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