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Quick start

FileMove Pro offers different possibilities to create jobs, to execute them and to organize them. Usually the jobs are listed in FileMove Pro and the main monitoring/guard functions are used trough the main program. 

Most of the edit, start and activate/deactivate functions are available trough a context menu. A right click on a job in the main program shows the context menu.

Create a job

Jobs can be created with the main program, the Jobber and the real time guard. To do this click on the new button located on all interfaces or use the context menu in the main program. Jobs created with the Jobber or the real time guard can be imported into the main program.

  1. Create a new job.
  2. Enter a name and the source and destination folder.
  3. Select the mode (copy, move, delete etc.)
  4. Define the criteria for the file search.
  5. Define what should happen with existing files in the destination folder.
  6. Check your job with the preview function.

Start a job

In the main program click the button 'start monitoring' in the tool bar. This starts all activated jobs. For the preview a job must be set to the preview mode in the edit window. For a single execution of a job select the job you want to execute in the job list and use the context menu (right click) and select the item 'execute'. If the item 'Execute' is invisible then the job must be activated first or some settings do not allow execution (e.g. incorrect path). If the status icon is red then one or more settings do not allow the execution of the job. Please check the job settings in the edit window.


Export a job if you would like to use it in Jobber or the external real time monitor by the context menu. If the export function is not visible in the context menu then it must be set to visible in the settings. A double click on a FileMove Pro job file opens the Jobber automatically.

Integrated real time guard

If you work with the internal real time guard then it will be started with all monitoring jobs wehen clicking the 'Start monitoring' button in the toolbar. In the settings the real time guard can be disabled if this is needed. (Settings - real time guard). Please be aware that the real time guard starts immediately after something has been changed in the file structure. If the system needs time to complete actions use the delay.

External real time guard

Exported jobs can be used for the external real time guard. Start the guard from the start menu and load the file. A detailed manual for the real time guard is here.


All jobs including the real time guard jobs can be executed as NT-Service in the background. More information about the NT-Service is here.

Please read the General caution measures!



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