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upHow can I minimize the risk to delete or move important system files of the Window operating system?
The files will be left on their original place. Use this mode to test a new job and check the files which have been copied. Be carefully with the option 'existing files in destination folder'. Be sure that the option 'delete source' is not checked otherwise the source files will be deleted if some files are already existing in the destination folder. While running the delete files mode the files can be moved to the trash bin and can be restored if necessarily. If the settings for the trash bin size is big enough then all the deleted files are there. Another good idea is to check the boxes for the file attributes to exclude hidden, system and read only files. Remember, using the file extension criteria is a good way to avoid moving system or other files.
Does FileMove Pro read Network devices?

Yes. You can put mapped network drives under a drive name or network devices (e.g. \\Workstation\Media (G)\Mp3) into the source path or the destination path. 

upCan I execute a job without waiting until the interval was run down?
Yes. Select the job in the job list and then do a right click to open the popup menu. If the job is deactivated then activate the job first then run 'execute' from the popup menu. This is only possible if the job is not in error state.


upI would like to monitor one single file. How do I do this?
Select the source folder where the file should be or a top folder of the directory tree where you expect the file. Then use the field file name to enter the file name. In the extension field enter the file extension. If you do not exactly know where the file is and you search in a folder structure then use the other criteria to define the expected file as close as possible. In this case more then one file with the same name and extension can be found. If the source folder is known then the file is unique in the folder.

upCan I move or copy files first into one folder and then use an other job to get these files and copy or move them elsewhere?
Yes. If you have different jobs with the same intervals then the jobs will be executed in alphabetical order. If job A moves files to a place then job B will find the files on this place for further handling. With this method whole directory trees can be sorted out. If the jobs are not in alphabetical order then use an increasing interval order. The job with an interval of 1 minute will move files then a job with the interval of 2 minutes will find the files. The next job with the interval of 3 minutes can handle the files further. This gives a lot of possibilities for file distribution or collection in a network.
upI would like to copy a catalog of the covers of my mp3 collection. How do I do this?
The covers of a mp3 collection are rarely named as the album. Therefore it is recommended to keep the folder structure in the job edit window. first select the source and the destination folder then enter the extensions for pictures in to the file extension field [ gif, jpg, tif, png ]. Leave the field for file names empty. Select 'no limit' for the file size and 'all' for the 'creation date'. (Except you want to search only the covers which have been added the last 30 days). Select 'No action' for existing files in the destination folder. After execution of this job the destination folder contains a folder structure with the covers. If the mp3 collection was sorted and the folders named as usual with the album and the artist the covers are in the album folders.
upI have found a service of a user with a changed username. How can I uninstall the service?

The server program is located at <user profile>FileMove Pro\bin\FMPSrv.exe. Call the program with this parameters -u, username (Where username the old username is) to uninstall the service.

upI get the message that the destination disk is full, but it isn't. Why?

In a network with different operating systems, mostly on Linux or similar, the program can not determine the space left on the disk. To avoid this message and enable moving and copying check the box in the settings window labeled 'No size checks for destination window'. If this box is checked then the program will not check for disk space. In case of a full disk the program shows a undefined error in the message list.

upI have tested FileMove Pro version 1.0 and the trial period was over. Can I still test the 2.0 version?

Yes, you can test every new version with the entire trial period of 21 days or 100 program starts. If you wish to test the same version longer then please send an email to You will get a code to reset the trial version.




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