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FileMove Professional 2.5




FileMove Pro is shareware. The window for registering appears every program start or can be displayed by clicking the button 'Register' in the settings window. The trial phase is either 21 days or 50 starts of the program so that the functions can be tested with no other limits. If the trial phase is over, all NT-Services will be uninstalled and the program can only be started with a valid license.

Every user on a system needs its own license.

If you want to buy a license then click on the button 'Buy' in the register window or use this link:

If you own a valid license then enter the data as sent to you by email. Please be sure the data is entered correctly. The buttons next to the fields copy the content from the clipboard into the related field. Then click register and close the register window. The register window will not be showed anymore.



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