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While working with the computer daily its a big benefit to have the possibility to run a FileMove Pro job quickly. The jobs can be exported from FileMove Pro and started by a double click without monitoring functions.


The job files have the file extension *.fmj (file move job) and a double click will open the Jobber. Only three clicks are needed to execute a job that way.

If the Jobber is opened and you want to load an other job into it just drag and drop another job file into the window with the left mouse button. You can start a second instance of Jobber if you double click an other job file as well.

Jobber lets you execute predefined jobs quick and easy. The integrated editing window is the same as in FileMove Pro and if needed new jobs can be created on the fly. All of the jobs can be imported into FileMove Pro for monitoring jobs with the import function or drop the file into the job list in the main view or the title bar.

A click on this button opens first a dialog to save a new job file. After this id done the editor window opens. See the editor window help page.
Edit an existing job. This opens the editor window with the selected job.
Executes the currently loaded job. While execution the button caption changes to 'stop' to interrupt the execution. If the state shows error messages then the defined paths are not available. In this case open the edit window to check the paths. 
This closes the Jobber. If the checkbox 'Close after execution' is checked then the Jobber will quit automatically after job execution.

Batch mode

In some cases it is very helpful to execute a FileMove Pro job from another program. Examples here fore are a batch file from Windows or when implementing it into scripts or programs. With this method as many as needed jobs can be executed without a Jobber window. 
Please be aware that a full installation of FileMove Pro is needed for this.
To start Jobber in batch mode use the parameter -v.
"C:\Programs\FileMove Pro\FMPJobber.exe -v D:\Jobber_Files\Delete all log files.fmj"

Please be aware that a path to the EXE has to be in quotes if there are white spaces. If you want to execute the job trought Windows->Start->Run then enter the following:
"C:\Programs\FileMove Pro\FMPJobber.exe" -v D:\Jobber_Files\Delete all log files.fmj

With one call the job Delete all log files will be executed in the background and log files will be written as defined in the FileMove pro settings.

! Attention. Windowless use of Jobber is only possible when the program is registered. If the program is not registered then the register window will appear every time a job has to be done.


If you work with MS FrontPage the FrontPage extensions will be installed in every web. For running the website on a non supported server of for doing it on a CD, these extensions are not needed. You can easily define a copy job to get a clean version without these extension folders by excluding this folders with the folder search option. Every time you need a clean version of the webpage just run the job with three clicks and its done. This example is fully explained here. The job files can be stored everywhere on the hard drive even on a network device.



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