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Real time guard (external)

It is possible to run a real time guard outside of FileMove Pro. The guard runs in depended from the NT-Service and the main program. It is recommended to avoid multiple guard jobs monitoring the same directories. This can give unexpected results.

More information about the integrated real time guard is here.

Shows the name of the currently loaded job file.

Source folder
The source folder as entered in the edit window.

Destination folder
The destination folder as entered in the edit window. (This item is disabled in the mode 'delete files')

The selected mode as entered in the edit window.

Shows if the job can be executed or not. When errors occurring then the state label is in red color. This means mostly that one or more paths are incorrect. Paths can be edited by clicking on the edit button.

Real time monitoring of the file system
The directory for monitoring is either the source or the destination folder or any other directory. Insert a path if the 'other folder' option is selected.

This option allows to give the system time to complete actions before executing the job. The info window helps to configure the delay if big files are moved/copied or other large actions are done by the system.

The guard can watch different properties. Select the needed one. The default property is wait for file changes.
- Files = Modification of a file (delete, rename, create etc.)
- File sizes = Modification of the file size
- File times = Modification of the file time
- File attributes = Modification of file attributes
- Directory = Modifications of directories (delete, rename, create etc.)

Watch subfolders
For monitoring an entire folder tree use this setting. Unchecked the guard works only in the top level of the selected folder.

Show info window
This shows the info window for configure the real time guard.

Start /Stop

  With this button the real time guard will be started.
  This button stops the real time guard.


  Opens a dialog to choose job files (fmj). A job file can be dragged and dropped into the window as well.
  Creates a new job. This jobs can be imported to FileMove Pro if needed.
  Opens the edit window. This will be used to change paths if a path error is showed or for changing the search criteria.
  This button quits the program.



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