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Dear customer

Order form for Swiss customers.

On this page you can order FileMove SE by billing. If you live in Switzerland and would like to transfer money by a bank or the Swiss Post then you will save (13 SFr) for the banking charges for sending money to Germany.

If you live in Switzerland and you would like to pay with a credit card and a secure connection then please order the program here. You will receive the license right after buying.

Information for customers from outside of Switzerland.

For ordering one or multiple licenses please fill out this form. You will get a bill by mail and a license to extend the test period for three times. When your payment has been done you will get the license code by email or by mail. This procedure can take a week or longer until you receive the license key.

A single license with a bill order costs 29 Euro / 44 SFr.

FileMove SE - Order by billing

Licenses Quantity
Price in CHF
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Billing address  
Name and prename *
Email address *
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City and ZIP *
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Bill by Email (pdf) by mail
Send code by email by mail
Email copy to sender (info) no yes

Information for customers outside of Switzerland

Please be aware that there might be an additional banking fee for sending money from one country to another. German customers please order here for no banking fees. If you are sending money within Switzerland then no additional fees will be charged from the Swiss Post.

You have questions? Please send a mail to

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