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FileMove Standard Edition 2.5

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This page explains the different modes for handling the found files.

Copy files
This mode copies files and folders from the source folder to the destination folder. If 'find subfolders' is checked then all subfolders will be searched and their content will be sorted out as defined in the other sections. Copy files in combination with the archive bit is often used for backup.

Move files
This mode moves the found files and folders form the source path to the destination path regarding the predefined settings.

Delete files
Files will be deleted by the defined criteria. Please check first in the preview mode what will happen to avoid deleting important data. In this mode the handling for existing files in the destination folder is disabled.

If the option 'preview' is selected the no actions will be done. The message window shows the files that would be moved copied or deleted. Its a good idea to run a preview first after defining a new job.

! The professional version of FileMove allows to compress and decompress data as well. Please see the product page for more information.




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