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FileMove Standard Edition 2.5



Create and edit jobs

Jobs are predefined search and file actions and will be executed in certain time intervals if the monitoring is enabled. On multi user systems every user manages his own jobs.

Destination Folder

  To change the views click in the list on the left side, use the little buttons in the bottom left or, if the list is focused, use the arrows up and down on the key board. The edit window can be fully handled by using the keyboard only. Use the tab key to change the focus between the elements. Use the space key to select an option.

Select an entry in the picture to go to the description page directly.

In the compact view the icons give a quick overview.

  No icon means the default setting has not been touched.
Name or path is not correct.
Name and path is correct. Monitoring is activated.
Copy files mode.
Copy files mode preview (no actions)
Move files mode
Move files mode preview (no actions)
Delete files mode
Delete files mode preview (no actions)
The setting has been changed from default.
Sections are not editable. In the mode 'delete files' no settings can be done for existing files in the destination folder.




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