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This page explains the interface for paths to folders where the actions will be done.

Source folder
The source path is the place where the program searched for files. This can be a folder, a drive or a network device. The search will be done by the criteria described below.

Destination folder
The destination folder is the place where the found files will be copied or moved to. This can be a network drive as well. The options for existing files are related to this folder.

Directory 1 / Directory 2
In synchronization mode the labeling is different. Usually directory 1 is the primary folder and directory 2 the secondary folder. This order can be changed under the menu 'Synchronization'. Please read the synchronization page to learn more.


This button allows to create a new folder in an existing path. The button is disabled if the path is not existing or if the field is empty. If the path is invalid then the status icon in the job window of the main view will show this.

This button opens a dialog to search for folders and drives.

If the destination folder is in the same path as the source folder then the use of disk space can increase incredibly if the files will be copied or moves into the destination folder by renaming it if files with the same name exist. 

Enable path checker
The paths can be entered by hand or by using the dialog. If the path checker is active then the paths will be checked for existence. When the path is invalid then the text color is red if the path exists the font color is black. Please be aware that the operating system will need quite a time to locate UNC paths in networks. The path checker on and off function is only available in the edit window. The main program still checks the path every time it is needed.




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