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This page explains the intervals and time / day settings for the surveillance of folders and files.

The Interval counts in minutes and can be set to a maximum of 999 days 23 hours and 59 minutes. Remaining minutes can be showed in brackets the column interval in the job window of the main view. The counter can be reset by using the context menu. In the settings can be defined if the counter should be reset when ever the program starts. If this is disabled then the counter will stay at its value regardless if the computer have been down for days and the job will be executed when the interval is reached.

Date and/or time

This enables to define the execution of the job whether daily, weekly, once in a month or by a date. In all cases if the program was down at the defined time and is started up at the defined day then the job will be executed. This will happen only on the same day but not on the next day. In this case the execution of the job will wait to the next value.




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