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This page explains the execution settings for a job.

Deactivate this job
This box checked will deactivate the job. No actions and no executions will be done. It can be activated by using the popup menu in the job window. The status icon shows deactivated jobs.

Run once per program start
Is this box checked the the job will be executed only once per program start. Using the popup menu in the job window of the main view can activate the job for another one time execution. The job will be marked with a special status icon.

Only if source disk space is smaller as (MB)
The execution can be depending of the free disk space available on the source drive. If this check box is checked then the job will be only executed if the free disk space is less then the given value. If the destination drive is full then a job will not executed if it needs more free space. The maximal input value is 2GB (2000MB).

Execute external program
FileMove offers external program execution before or after a job. This can be scripts, batch files or other executable applications. FileMove SE can wait until the external program has sent the exit code or has reached the time limit, or the external program can be started and FileMove SE is running the job meanwhile.

Execute before job
The external program will be started before FileMove SE runs a job.

Execute after job
The external program will be started after FileMove SE has finished a job.

Program path
This is the path to a script, application or any other executable. FileMove does not check if the path is right and if the selected file is an executable.

This button opens a dialog to pick an executable..

This field takes the parameter if there are any. This can be switches or whatever parameters the program needs. It is possible to run DOS commands or start files with the related application. If you would like to run another job before then the entries would look like this:  C:\Programme\FileMove\FMPJobber.exe is written into the program path field and the parameter are -v D:\Jobber_Dateien\Alle Logfiles löschen.fmj.

Wait for external program
With this switch FileMove SE waits as log as it takes until the external program was quit or if the waiting period has reached the maximum waiting time in seconds. If this box is unchecked the external program will be started and FileMove continues with the job without waiting for anything.

Max. sec.
Maximum of seconds to wait for the exit code of the external program.




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