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FileMove SE Help > Edit jobs > Find folders

Find in folders

This page explains how to define folders for the search. This option always works in conjunction with the other settings for searching files and folders.

Include subfolders
If the subfolders are included then the program searches in all folders below the source path. Is the check box unchecked then the search will be done only in the folder defined as source.

Two check boxes, 'move to trash bin' and 'delete empty folders' are only visible if the mode is set to 'delete files'. The first one allows to move the files in to the trash bin and the other box checked deletes empty folders. If the size settings for the trash bin are set too small then files can be deleted still and they are not there for recovering anymore.

Includes all subfolders with no limitation

Excludes all folders and its sub folders if the condition is true.

This is the opposite, it includes all folders and its sub folders if the condition is true.

Exclude from scan
Folders can be excluded by their folder attributes. If checked, folders and its subfolders will not be scanned if they have the selected attribute set.

Use RegEx
If the Button for including subfolders is activated the folders can be searched by pattern matching. FileMove SE does not make a difference between upper and lower case characters in the fields. If the checkbox 'Use RegEx' is deactivated then the search can be done in simple search mode and if the checkbox 'Use RegEx' checked then the search will be done with regular expressions. The example above in the search field is explained on the examples page.

Folder name
This is the field for the name of the folder or the search pattern.




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