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FileMove Standard Edition 2.5

FileMove SE Help > Edit jobs > File date

Find files by file times

This page explains how to set the file date for the search. This option always works in conjunction with the other settings for searching files and folders.

Disables this function and searched all files regardless of their file dates.

Older as
Finds only files older then the entered value.

Newer as
Find files newer then the entered value.

Date created
Define the distinction of what file dates the program has to search for. The date created is the date where the file has been created, or have been copied from somewhere.

Last modified
The last modified time is the time when the file was last modified and saved.

Last access
The last access of the file. This can be a simple file view.

Use the software FilerMate to manipulate the file and folder properties of your test files.



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