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Find files by file attributes

This page shows the possibilities of searching by, set and unset attributes. File attributes are data about the file which does not directly belong to the content of the file itself. The use of file attributes in FileMove SE is not a security matter. This option always works in conjunction with the other settings for searching files and folders.

Exclude files with the following attributes from search
Check or uncheck the boxes for excluding or including files by file attributes. If the program should only find files with the archive bit then check all other boxes. If all files should be found with no archive bit set then check the archive box. Combinations are possible.

Attributes of the files in the destination folder
This section sets or unsets attributes of the files in the destination folder after the copy or move action.

Attributes of the found files
The attributes of the found files in the source folder can be set or unset here. For creating backups the archive bit have to be unset after the program copied the files with the archive bit.

Excludes or includes files with the archive bit. The operating system sets the archive bit after the file has been modified. Most backup programs use this mechanism to define if a file has been changed since the last backup.

Excludes files compressed by windows. This attribute can not be set manually.

Excludes files with the attribute Normal. Check unset for the source or the destination and check all boxes to get the Normal attribute.

Read only
Excludes or includes read only files.

Excludes or includes files with the system attribute. As the name says this kind of attribute is often used by the operating system.

Excludes or includes files with the hidden attribute. These files are usually invisible. They can be set to a visible mode in the explorer settings. (Extras - Folder options - View - Show all files and folders)

Set and unset
If the selection is 'Set' then the selected attributes will be set to files. If the selection is 'Unset' then the selected attributes will be removed if the file had this attribute. If none of the attributes is checked then nothing will be set or unset.

Use the software FilerMate to manipulate the file and folder properties of your test files.



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