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Destination folder

This page shows how to handle existing files in a destination folder and its subfolders. The files found trough inclusion or exclusion will be copied or moved in to the destination folder. If the folder structure is kept then the risk of files with the same name is not given by the windows operating system. If a job is executed a second time then some files can be already existing in the top level of the destination path or in a existing structure. In this case this options defines the behavior of the program.

No action
If the file already exist then no action is done.

Replace existing file
The existing files in the destination folder(s) will be overwritten always.

Delete source file
The source file found in the source path will be deleted.

Move to trash bin
This box appears only if this option is selected. It moves the file to the trash bin.

Delete empty folders
After deleting a file the folder where the file has been might be empty. In this case and if this box is checked the folder will be deleted.

Rename source file
If this option is selected and a file with the same name exists then the new file will be renamed. The following fields add a unique identification to the file name.

Term and identifier
Added term. Allowed are all characters usually used for file names. If this field is empty then only the second field for identification will be used.

This gives the file a unique identification tag. An ascending number renames the file in order of its copy or movement. For example if a file named 'log.txt' exists then all other files with the same name will be renamed to 'log_1.txt', 'log_2.txt' and 'log_3.txt'. The date and time adds a time stamp and the global identification adds a unique string generated by the system to the file.

Append to existing file name
The term and the identifier will be added to the existing file name.

Replace existing file name
The original file name will be replaced by the term and the identifier.

Replace existing file if...
The existing files in the destination folder(s) will be overwritten if the condition from the combo box is true.

Delete source file if the above condition is false
If the file does not match the condition from the combo box then it can be deleted by checking this box.

File time to define older and newer
This defines the file date for the conditions in the combo box.




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