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Since version 2.0 synchronization offers the possibility to synchronize two folders.

Synchronization problems
FileMove SE searches the folders and files every time when the job runs by the defined criteria. The program has no possibilities to determine if folders or files in the secondary directory have been deleted between the runs.

An example might explain this fact a little better:
If there are two folders, one on a laptop and the other one on a server, then normally files and folders which have been edited, deleted or created and they will be synchronized with the server folder. On the server, older files will be overwritten by newer files from the laptop folder, new files will be copied and deleted files and folders will be deleted. There is no Problem so far if this is the case.

But what happens if somebody edits, deletes and creates files on the server?

FileMove SE does not create an image of a file system to compare with a later condition. Even then, most problems with edited files can only solved with file merging functions like MS Word has. If a file on the server has been edited then it will be copied to the laptop folder when the file on the laptop is older. But if the file has been edited later on the day then the file on the server will be overwritten even if it was edited early on the day. Problems appear with folders or files which have been created on the server and do not appear in the laptop folder. They will be deleted if this function is enabled. If the function is disabled all files and folders will be copied to each folder as defined and nothing will be deleted. But still the editing problem on the file level exists. FileMove SE offers possibilities in the job settings to handle the synchronization execution in different ways and different criterias.

Synchronization in FileMove SE
FileMove SE uses these actions to synchronize two folders.

The behavior on synchronization can be set in the edit window under the menu 'Synchronization'.  

As for all other jobs in FileMove Pro the defined criteria for file and folder search will stay the same on all actions. So folders and files can be included or excluded from synchronization. The combination of the search by criteria and the synchronization behavior gives uncountable ways to synchronize two folders. Of cause, synchronized folders can then be further edited with other jobs.

Definition of the directories
In FileMove Pro it is necessarily to define the main directory (primary folder on laptop) and the following directory (secondary folder on server) exactly. The starting order can be defined in the job settings on menu 'Synchronization' without changing the paths under menu 'Directories'.

Use the preview mode to see which files will be deleted, copied or updated.

Please be sure that you exactly define the primary and the secondary folder for synchronizing!

It is important that the primary and the secondary directory are exactly defined. In case of an enabled function 'delete not existing files in the secondary folder', new  files and folders will be deleted from the laptop folder, using the example above.




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