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This program is freeware!

What is FileMurder?

FileMurder is a tool to scramble and delete files so that it never ever can be restored again. An ideal tool to delete sensitive data. No disk or recovery tool can restore a file murdered by FileMurder. The file is dead - murdered and nobody can make it alive again ...

  1. Open the program by clicking on the program icon in the start menu and drag & drop a file in the window. The program shows the file properties.
  2. Drag & Drop a file on the FileMurder icon on the desktop. The program opens and shows the properties.
  3. Use the folder icon in the right top of the program to find a file to delete.
  4. Use the explorer context menu feature described below.

In any case if you click on the button 'Delete file' the file will be murdered so that no one can make it alive again.

Explorerer extension

This context menu appears if you do a right click on a file in the explorer or the desktop. Activate the checkbox 'Explorer extension' to add a context menu button called 'FileMurder'. If you have selected a file and use the context menu you can easily select FileMurder and the program starts up, shows the properties and offers to delete the file to kill. Deactivating the button removes the context menu entry.

Quit after delete

If this box is activated then the program closes after deleting a file.

Change program color?

You don't like the white base color? So then, there is a trick to change the color into mouse gray. Use the tab button of your keyboard to set the focus to the 'Cancel'  button. Then use F11 or F12 to change the color to white or grey.

About this freeware

The program can be distributed and used with no limits. Distribution on CDs or  Papers can be done with the name of the author, a link to the producer page and a short info where it will be published to and with no further requests.

Use the program at your own risk.

You have questions? Please send an email to

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