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  • FileMove Pro
    Time controlled moving, copying, compressing, deletion and synchronization of files and folders for professionals. Network able as NT service and multilingual.
    Single license price 39 Euro / 50 CHF
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  • FileMove SE
    Time controlled moving, copying, synchronization and deletion of files and folders. Standard version.
    Single license price 29 Euro / 38 CHF
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  • QuickDBReplacer
    Highly configurable search & replace tool for ODBC and local databases.
    Single license price 19 Euro / 28 CHF
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  • SDW FilerMate
    FilerMate changes the file times and/or attributes of one or more files and folders in a simple way.
    Single license price 12.95 Euro / 19 CHF
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  • SDW HttpWorX
    HttpWorX watches files from the internet and saves a copy on a local computer.
    Single license price 12.95 Euro / 19 CHF
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SDW Software Guarantee
  • All programs and installers of SDW Software do not contain or install any spy ware, mal ware, promotion or other components which are questionably for data privacy or security reasons.
  • All applications do no hidden connections to the internet and do not receive any data from the internet. In the start menu of each SDW Software application is a link to the product website to check for updates.
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