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This software is used for changing timestamps on files and therefore the program can also be used for criminal acts on a computer. The author of this program ask you politely to use this software only for legal actions.

File or folder attributes - What's this?

Besides the information in a file some information exist about a file. This meta information includes timestamps and system depending properties.

For example a file archive attribute will be set commonly after a file has been edited. Backup programs work with this attribute very often.

Many system files have the hidden attribute. They are invisible unless they are made visible the operating system settings.  

If a file has the read only attribute the the file can be read but not saved and overwritten. A changed file has to be saved under a new name.

A file or folder has tree different file times:
- Date of creation
- Date of last modification
- Date of last access

A file or folder has this attributes:
- Archive
- Hidden
- Read only
- System

Main view

Select if only one or more files will be processed. If you select all files of a folder then the recursive checkbox is visible. If you would like to process all files in all subfolders as well then check this box.

Use the filter to define what files should be found. Use the placeholder * for one or more characters and a ? for a single character.

If this box is checked then all subfolders are included in the search. If disabled then only files in the defined folder will be processed.

Select a file (single file mode) or select the folder (for multiple file mode). If you move the mouse over this section then a tip windows shows the attributes of the selected file or the selected folder. If you put the mouse over this section then a tipp window appears and shows the file or folder properties.

File times
Change file time overwrites the file time with another file time of the same file. E.g. if the date of modification must have the same time as the date of creation then select 'Last modification' in the first combo box and 'Date of creation' in the second combo box.
New file time overwrites the selected file time with the time entered in the text field. The system time format set in the control panel will be used for this.

Interchange file times
If this box is checked then both dates will be changed to each other. Otherwise one date will be overwrite by the other and both have the same time property. This works with folders as well.

New file time
This will overwrite the selected time with a new time. The defined format in the control panel will be used for this. If the format is not right then the background of this field is red.

Select the attributes to change. They can be set or unset.

The info section shows messages about the current process.

Use the button 'Execute' to set the file time/s and attributes. The button 'Execute is only available if all declarations are correct.


Select between German and English

Save 'Mode' settings
Saves the settings from the mode section

Save 'Folder/File' settings
Saves the settings from the folder/file section.

Save 'File times' settings
Saves the settings from the section file times.

Save 'Attributes' settings
Saves the attribute section

Change folder times as well
If this box is checked the folders containing files for changing attributes or file times will be changed as well. All subfolders from the defined folder in the section 'folder/files will be changed. This option is only available when multiple files mode is selected.

Change folder attributes as well
If this box is checked then the attributes of folders containing files to change will be set or unset as you defined. This option is also only available in multiple files mode.

Change file times from read only files
Normally read only files will not be changed. Activate this box to force the change of read only files.

Put to SysTray when minimized
The program icon can be put to the system tray (near the clock).

Tipp window

The properties of the loaded file or folder is showed in the tip window when moving the mouse into this section. Changes will be showed immediately.

What is special?
FilerMate has one purpose: Doing the job fast and easy!
Compare to other programs FilerMate offers all of its functions in one window. The time and the amount of clicks to do the task is therefore reduced incredibly.
Tests have showed that a date and time can be faster entered into a text field then using dropdowns for each element (day, month, year, seconds etc.) . A visual format control is available: the background of the text control changes to the color red if the format is not correct. 
For processing a big amount of files or folders, like photo collections or data from a digital camera, a filter to include or exclude files is implemented. This avoids the laborious editing of big file lists.

Properties of a file or folder can be viewed by moving the mouse pointer over the path/file section. No needless clicks.

By default file times will not be changed if the file is marked as read only. This is, helpful for big amounts of files, an additional filter which is very useful. If you can't exclude files by the regular filter then those files can be set to read only with FilerMate or trough the windows property dialog. In the windows system dialog only the attributes 'Archive' and 'Read Only' can be edited. With this combination complex tasks are easily possible.

Is the program opened then just drop files or folders into the window. The settings will stay the same. This way the properties of files and folders can be changed very quickly. Drag and drop a file of folder and click on execute. There is no faster way.

FilerMate saves the last settings and displays an icon in the system tray.


FilerMate is shareware. The window for registering appears every program start or can be displayed by clicking the button 'Register' in the settings window. The trial phase is either 21 days or 100 starts of the program so that the functions can be tested with no other limits. If the trial phase is over the program can only be started with a valid license.

Every user on a system needs its own license.

If you want to buy a license then click on the button 'Buy' in the register window or use this link:

If you own a valid license then enter the data as sent to you by email. Please be sure the data is entered correctly. The buttons next to the fields copy the content from the clipboard into the related field. Then click register and close the register window. The register window will not be showed anymore.


There is no undo function so far. Use the program at your own risk.

SDW Software Guarantee
  • All programs and installers of SDW Software do not contain or install any spy ware, mal ware, promotion or other components which are questionably for data privacy or security reasons.
  • All applications do no hidden connections to the internet and do not receive any data from the internet. In the start menu of each SDW Software application is a link to the product website to check for updates.

Please send an email to if you have any questions.

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