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FilerMate changes the file times and/or attributes of one or more files and folders in a simple way. Properties of single files, single folders or all files from a folder and its subfolders to be changed - FilerMate does it!

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Detailed information about FilerMate is available in the Online help.

  • Edit time property of a file or folder
  • Edit file or folder attributes
  • Recursive search with filter
  • Edit properties of entire directories and its subfolders
What is special?
FilerMate has one purpose: Doing the job fast and easy!
Compare to other programs FilerMate offers all of its functions in one window. The time and the amount of clicks to do the task is therefore reduced incredibly.
Tests have showed that a date and time can be faster entered into a text field then using dropdowns for each element (day, month, year, seconds etc.) . A visual format control is available: the background of the text control changes to the color red if the format is not correct. 
For processing a big amount of files or folders, like photo collections or data from a digital camera, a filter to include or exclude files is implemented. This avoids the laborious editing of big file lists.

Properties of a file or folder can be viewed by moving the mouse pointer over the path/file section. No needless clicks.

By default file times will not be changed if the file is marked as read only. This is, helpful for big amounts of files, an additional filter which is very useful. If you can't exclude files by the regular filter then those files can be set to read only with FilerMate or trough the windows property dialog. In the windows system dialog only the attributes 'Archive' and 'Read Only' can be edited. With this combination complex tasks are easily possible.

Is the program opened then just drop files or folders into the window. The settings will stay the same. This way the properties of files and folders can be changed very quickly. Drag and drop a file of folder and click on execute. There is no faster way.

FilerMate saves the last settings and displays an icon in the system tray.

System requirements
  • Windows >= 98 SE
  • 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
  • 256 Colors 800 * 600
  • 300 MHZ CPU


A license for FilerMate costs 12,95 Euro / 19 CHF. FREE lifetime updates / upgrades. Buy FilerMate now!

Trial version

This program is shareware and runs without a valid license for 21 days or 100 program starts after installation. All functions are available during the test period. If you need a longer trial period please contact


Main view

Tipp in the main view

Edit multiple files


Download FilerMate Test it for free! (zip)

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Buy FilerMate (credit card, fax, check ...)
Order FilerMate by billing (for Swiss customers)


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