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FileMove Professional 2.5




FileMove Pro runs in the back as NT-Service for every user of the system. This works on Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003.

The jobs are running by a server program and the actions will be written to a log file defined in the settings window of the main program. This server program does not have a graphical interface and will be started for every user in a single process.

For editing jobs and change execution values such as intervals or search criteria the start of the main program is needed. The NT-Service will be stopped while the main program is running and will continue when the main program is closed.

The button to open the NT-Service configuration window is located in the settings window. This button is not available on Windows 98 and Windows ME. The user has to be an administrator to configure the service.

The state vie shows if the service is installed and in which starting mode. The service can be installed under another user if needed. The username itself can not be changed and will be used for the service name visible in the services window of the system management as 'FileMove Pro Service [username] The actions to start, stop, pause and continue will be executed when the main program closes.

Starting modes
Automatically: This starts the service every time the operating system starts up.
Manually: The service must be started by hand in the management vie of the operating system.
Deactivated: The service is installed but not active.

The starting modes can be changed in the service view of the computer management console by every administrator.




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