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FileMove Pro Screenshots
Main window

Compact and clear! All jobs can be tested in the preview mode.

Detailed descriptions of the elements in the Online Help.

Edit windowup

The diversity of the possibilities makes FileMove Pro a powerful program. Even if later files have been added or deleted - FileMove Pro searches on every execution and does what you want. See an example.

Compact view

Detailed descriptions of the sections are available in the Online Help.

upReal time guard

Multiple real time guard jobs can be executed outside of the main program. The guard runs as NT-Service as well.

Real time guard information window

The real time guard works in the background. To control and configure a job for the real time guard a monitor is available.

upJobber the quick starter

Is the job created once - only three clicks to run complex copy, move, delete and compressing actions. A real time saver!

See a video (254kb) to see how fast this goes.


All settings and functions are explained in the detailed documentation.

All settings are explained in the documentation.

NT-Service up

For execution in the background. (Windows 2000 and Windows XP)

More detailed information and a search engine is available in the Online Help of FileMove Pro.

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